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El Salvador Chiropractic Mission Trip 2008, Dr. Rafael adjusting girl
El Salvador Chiropractic Mission Trip 2008, Dr. Rafael adjusting girl

For over 100 years, chiropractors have sought to teach their patients the benefits of chiropractic care. With rising medical costs and an over-abundance of pharmaceutical medications, more and more people are turning to natural alternatives. This is where chiropractic San Jose, CA health care comes in. We are fortunate because in San Jose, chiropractic care is widely used as a method of getting well naturally.

One of the basic premises of chiropractic is “the power that made the body, heals the body.” This message is rather self-explanatory however, there’s another chiropractic premise that healing must take place from “Above, Down and Inside, Out.” You might be thinking “What does this mean?” This means that healing takes place from the brain to the rest of the body (“Above, Down”) by way of the Central nervous System (CNS). The CNS is the super highway within the body. When there are misalignments of the vertebra, it’s like a traffic jam on highway 101. And where San Jose chiropractic care may not be able help Highway 101, it can help clear the traffic jam in the CNS. We call these traffic jams “subluxations” in chiropractic terminology. When the chiropractor clears the subluxations, the body is then capable of healing itself from the “Inside, Out.”

So, how do you know if there is a “traffic jam” going on your Central Nervous System? At Chiropractic from the Heart, conveniently located downtown, San Jose chiropractic techniques are utilized to precisely measure how well a person’s nerve system is functioning to ensure optimal brain-body communication. Maintaining a healthy functioning nerve system improves the quality of life for patients. Some return to hobbies they were unable to do for a long time due to their condition, while others pick up new hobbies they never dreamed of doing. But the majority of patients have a renewed sense for living that far surpasses their expectations. Whether coming to Chiropractic from the Heart for massage, yoga, or chiropractic San Jose, CA, we are here to serve you!

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