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Read What Our Patients Have To Say About Us!

“I originally hoped to get help with my balance, which has greatly improved, but I never expected that my bladder control would improve. Thank you so much.”

[Denise K., San Jose, CA.]

“My migraines were debilitating and frequent. Now I rarely get them, and when I do, the severity is minimal and they don’t last nearly as long. And I’m beginning to trust that I don’t need the medications.”

[Yoke W., San Jose, CA.]

“I was plagued with pain for 14 yrs; 10 yrs ago I was diagnosed with an auto-immune disease called Neurosarcoidosis. After one year of Upper Cervical Chiropractic therapy, I have been able to reduce my medications by more than 50%; my energy and flexibility is coming back. I am pain free! The supplements I am taking and Chiropractic care are the two key elements allowing my body to recover and heal itself.”

[Bob C., Lincoln, CA.]

“I’ve been to a lot of chiropractors to treat chronic neck and back tension. Treatments varied between doctors and I would feel better for a time, then have to come back again. Eventually I got tired of never-ending visits to the chiropractor.

I met Angela and Raphael through an entrepreneur’s marketplace hosted by Santa Clara U’s Women in Business organization, where I got a free spinal cord scan using a machine that looked sort of like a taser. Their scanning method for measuring the amount of stress on the spinal cord provided the measurable progress that my process-oriented (Six Sigma Black Belt) brain wanted when I’m shelling out hundreds of dollars between doctor visits, yoga and pain meds. Their theory that the upper cervical vertebrae of your spine can cause problems in the rest of your body as things go out of whack to keep your head on straight made sense to me.

The adjustment prescribed for my particular spinal alignment issue was similar to a karate chop to the neck. I felt sore for about half a day but gradually felt better over the next couple days. After my second visit, where I didn’t get adjusted at all – just scanned – the scanner showed that the amount of stress on my spinal cord near my head had reduced. In the next couple of weeks with visits twice a week, I noticed a difference in the rest of my spine. Where I had stubborn tense knots before treatment, a light stretch and a deep breath made these go away.

So far so good… After 6 office visits over 2.5 weeks, I am down to one visit a week and the doctors will try to improve my condition to where I may only need infrequent”maintenance”visits.”

[Vy N., Mountain View, CA.]