About Chiropractic From The Heart

CFTH started with Drs. Angela and Rafael Lopez.  They were two docs from Life Chiropractic College West that fell in love with Naglee Park in San Jose.  In 2010, CFTH was established and they became the neighborhood clinic.  Their goal was to provide chiropractic services to their community, from the heart, to enrich the lives of their patients.  Drs. Angela and Rafael believed that creating a partnership with their patients, and not just serving as a directive doctors, created a team approach to the overall health of the patient.  This idea and core principle did not change when the doctors relocated to Arizona.

New Management; Same Idea.

In 2011, an undergrad chiropractic student was looking to find THE RIGHT chiropractor for her and her son.  After 35 interviews, they came upon CFTH and loved the idea of living a Vitalistic, Wholistic Lifestyle.  Drs. Rafael and Angela soon became mentors to that undergrad and in 2017, Dr. Jeana Edwards bought their clinic.  Dr. Jeana is passionate about continuing the loving service Drs. Angela and Rafael have provided to San Jose for the last 7 years.

New Doctor; Same goal… From the Heart.

Dr. Jeana, also from Life Chiropractic College West, is originally from Texas but moved to San Jose after eight years in Singapore with her son.  Dr. Jeana has had many opportunities in the healing arts, such as a medical massage therapist, rehabilitation assistant and lymphatic therapist for breast cancer survivors before attending chiropractic college.  With “Boomer” populations transitioning into retirement years, Dr. Jeana specializes in keeping the “silver folks” active and independent through loving Chiropractic care and home exercise.  Her diverse experiences allow her to draw from a wide range of therapies to best serve her patients.

Being the Doctor doesn’t mean staying in the office.

Dr. Jeana also has a passion for teaching.  Before graduating from LCCW, Dr. Jeana developed a curriculum for high school students wanting to pursue careers in the healthcare industry.  Whether Dr. Jeana is teaching patients in the clinic or students in the gross anatomy lab, she is giving her community the knowledge of how their bodies work in a vitalistic, wholistic lifestyle for overall health.  To Get Well… To Stay Well… To Live Well.

Welcome to Chiropractic From The Heart