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Breast Cancer and Chiropractic Health Care

May 27, 2011

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Breast Cancer

Upper Cervical Chiropractic Health Care may not be the cure-all for breast cancer; however, more evidence is becoming available regarding the benefits of this well-supported complementary form of health care. As a woman undergoes traditional and mainstream forms of cancer therapies, her body undergoes a significant amount of stress. First and foremost is stress from the breast cancer itself, followed by secondary challenges once treatment begins. One article includes the following side effects: “complications of prolonged bed-rest, chronic pain related to radiation fibrosis, chemo-therapy- related neuropathies” (Schneider et al. 2001). There are many more side effects not listed here.

In a 2005, an article titled “Alternatives in Cancer Pain Treatment: The Application of Chiropractic Care,”by Ronald Evans and Anthony Rosner was published in Seminars in Oncology. The authors present a compelling case for chiropractic care being one of the leading alternatives to standard medical treatment. With 2.5 million women breast cancer survivors in the U.S. (2010 statistic from www.breastcancer.org), options for holistic management of consequential symptoms must be highlighted and utilized. Specialized Upper Cervical Chiropractic care helps by reducing physical pain, decreasing the incidence and severity of headaches, and improving a woman’s quality of life by leaving her with an improved sense of well-being in spite of her diagnosis.

This form of health care restores health and function to her nervous system thereby opening up the body’s communication highway, the Nervous System. When the brain is able to communicate with the body, anything is possible in terms of health and well-being. For many people it’s the missing link to healing and ultimately to vibrant health.

The Pendulum of Health

Breast Cancer and Chiropratic Health CareEveryone moves along the pendulum swing between health and sickness, between fully alive and… the other. A healthy nervous system doesn’t guarantee instant health, but for some, the improvements are so noticeable they feel instantaneous and dramatic results. As with most things, however, the greatest benefits come with time. The longer the doctors monitor, measure, and improve upon the health and function of your nervous system, the greater the opportunity for your body to become that self regulating, self healing organism that it was born to be.

Remember: The Power that Made the Body Heals the Body when the proper conditions are present. Chiropractic strives to create and maintain these proper conditions. The best foundation for your overall health and well being is a healthy spine and a healthy nervous system, as provided by regular Chiropractic Care.

The other part of the health equation is a Healthy Lifestyle. As your Brain-Body communication begins to function at its optimum ability, the benefits of your Healthy Lifestyle choices and activities are not only supported but increased.

Drs. Angela and Rafael Lopez are Upper Cervical Specific Chiropractors. They have many years of ad-vanced, post-graduate Upper Cervical Specific Chiropractic training and experience. They bring this gift to their patients and families in their communities. Chiropractic from the Heart is A Total Wellness Center for Children and Adults embracing a vision of infinite self-healing potential. If your health has been challenged by the diagnosis or treatment of breast cancer, come experience any of our wellness services and find your way back to health. We offer Upper Cervical Specific Chiropractic, Craniosacral Therapy, Therapeutic Massage, Trager Approach, and Vinyasa Yoga Classes. Experience Wellness Care through Specialized Chiropractic Care, Natural Healing Arts, and Education.

Call Today 408.600.1188. Get Well, Stay Well, and Live Well.

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